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Experience the difference of training with Athlete-attitude. The programs are designed to empower you, improve your performance, and transform your life. Get in touch today to start your fitness journey.


All of my programs are availlable in the web-app. you will improve your overall fitness and enhance your performance in everyday activities. By incorporating functional movements and exercises, I can help you build strength, improve flexibility, and increase your endurance. Get ready to take on any challenge that comes your way.


With my web app, you can test your fitness and weightlifting level. The app provides a comprehensive assessment of your strength, endurance, and work capacity.

As registered user you can store for FREE your result in your PROFILE AREA. 

The stored result will be used by coach Zibra to write your weakness based program.


The video exercise check-up service is the perfect way to improve your abilities and reach your goals. Send me your videos for a personalized review, in which I will highlight the errors and provide feedback on how to improve. 

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